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current projects by Pali Consulting

Alaska Marine Terminal - Rockslide/Rockfall Mitigation


Pali Consulting is providing geologic engineering expertise to a Seattle-based consulting firm  to assess the risk to an Alaskan marine terminal, from a 200,000 cu.yd. deep-seated rockslide and individual rockfall events.  A real-time monitoring system has been designed and installed to monitor the site while rockfall mitigation measures are being constructed to protect the public and facilities.  

Public Schools - Site Seismic Hazard Reports and Foundation Design


Pali Consulting has completed site seismic hazard reports (SSHR) and geotechnical design of foundations for multiple schools across the state of Oregon, including for the Tillamook, Grants Pass, Port Orford-Langlois, Scio, and Neah-Kah Nie School Districts, in compliance with OSSC 1803.7.  We are proud to help make our schools safe and resilient against future seismic events.   

9,000 Acre Timberlands Purchase- Geologic Assessment


Pali Consulting evaluated geologic hazards affecting 9,000 acres of timberland for a forest products company in Washington State.  Our evaluation allowed the client to factor in the effects of geologic hazards on timber harvest, and specifically rule-identified landforms (RIL's) per the Washington Department of  Natural Resources (DNR) Board Manual 16.  

Oregon Coast Highway 101 Neah-kah-nie Gulch - Rockfall Mitigation Design


Pali Consulting completed rockfall mitigation design for an attenuator fence to protect Highway 101 at Neah-kah-nie Mountain in Oregon.  The attenuator spans the Neah-kah-nie Gulch which has been an area of historic rockfall events.    Drivers on Hwy 101 can now feel a little safer in this area because of Pali's work. 

Earthen Dams, Kauai, Hawaii - Stability and Seepage Analyses


Pali Consulting completed seepage and stability analyses for two earthen dams on Kauai.  The dams, owned by the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL), are being retrofitted for future irrigation use and to meet DLNR requirements for safety and stability.

Public Schools & Facilities- Seismic Improvement Grant Assessments


Pali Consulting has completed seismic hazard assessments for 45 public schools and essential facilities in all corners of Oregon.  The assessments were completed for planning and budgeting of seismic retrofit grants to upgrade these critical facilities.  Seismic shaking, liquefaction, landsliding and other hazards were assessed.    

Bridges and Culverts - Geotechnical Services


Pali Consulting provided geotechnical design for the replacement of the Grimm Road Bridge in Clackamas County.  We coordinated all traffic control, utility locates, subsurface explorations, laboratory testing, and geotechnical design.  The bridge was designed using AASHTO LRFD methods.  Pali Consulting has also provided geotechnical design of several CMP culvert replacements with bottomless arches or box culverts, including at SE 45th Avenue in Portland, Oregon.    

Transportation/Infrastructure Corridors - Geologic Hazards


Pali Consulting has provided geologic hazard evaluations for roadways and pipelines through the Coast range of Oregon to Hawaii Island, Hawaii. We use remote LiDAR and aerial photographic interpretation to identify and rank hazards by their risk to proposed or existing infrastructure.  Field confirmation and geotechnical analyses supplement our evaluation of hazards allowing owners and agencies to prioritize their projects and budgets to best address corridor safety and reliability.  

Public Infrastructure - Geotechnical Services


Pali Consulting has provided geotechnical design services  for several public infrastructure projects, including:

  • Erickson water and stormwater system improvements in Beaverton, Oregon;
  • Echo Mountain water reservoir near Otis, Oregon; 
  • Forest Grove Secondary Clarifier value engineering study for auger cast piles through liquefiable soils.      

Habitat Restoration - Geotechnical Services


Pali Consulting is honored to be providing geotechnical services for a number of habitat restoration projects.  These include the Shoalwater Estuary Enhancement in Tokeland, Washington; the Johnson Creek Oxbow Restoration in Portland, Oregon; and the North Bank and Seestrom Channel Restorations in Coos County, Oregon.  We are pleased to be a part of these important environmental restoration projects.  

Public Spaces - Parks and Natural Areas


Pali Consulting is working with public agencies, contractors, and designers to create unique public spaces, including Metro's Newell Creek Natural Area and an expansion of ODF's Kings Mountain Trailhead.  Tucked into a complex and fascinating geologic area of Oregon City, we are mitigating hazards at Newell Creek and designing trails and a pedestrian bridge adjacent Tumble Falls.    A perennial hiking favorite in the Coast Range, we are providing guidance on stormwater infiltration and rockery walls  for this day use area expansion.  

Commercial Development - Geotechnical Services


Pali Consulting is providing geotechnical services for a wide range of commercial development projects.  In Portland, Oregon, we designed a surcharge to preconsolidate soft soils to limit settlement and avoid expensive deep foundations for a new warehouse.  We also provided design for foundations to support modifications to a large warehouse in Salem, Oregon being re-purposed as an Amazon distribution facility. In the Waikiki area of Honolulu, Hawaii, we are providing foundation consultation for a 40-story tower to be founded on auger-cast piles completed to about 90 feet deep.